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Tih-rana is the capital and the largest city est. It is the administrative, cultural, economic, and industrial center of the Republic of Albania. The area around Tirana has been inhabited since the neolithic age. On the mountainside of Dajti are the remains of an ancient castle dating back to the first century B. The name of the city contains an ancient root that is present in other places that have been inhabited by Illyrians. The renovated Tirana International Hotel The year is considered the date that Tirana was founded, when Sulejman Pasha Bargjini built a mosque, a hamam Turkish bath , a bakery, and several shops.

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Also related to this basic root are the Turkish and Greek words for Albanians and the Albanian language. The latter explanation may, however, simply be a folk etymology or constitute the reason why Albanians identify themselves with the eagle. Albanians can be divided into two cultural groups: The geographic border between the two groups, based on dialect, runs roughly along the Shkumbin River, which flows through the central town of Elbasan to the Adriatic Sea.

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We discover that her native tongue is Albanian and she speaks Greek, but the language she treasures most is Italian, because as a child she had to learn it secretly. Virtually the only foreign-language lessons were Russian and Chinese. At nine years old, Gilda had other ideas. I paid the lady to teach me. There we catch buses that wind across a rolling landscape scattered with blue and white chapels to reach villages and beaches where sky and sea are painted in the same bright blue.

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But this is no ordinary drama. It is the story of Iranian born Mostafa and Mahboubeh Mohammadi, who are Canadian citizens and their twenty-one-year struggle to rescue their daughter from a dangerous terrorist cult. They travelled to Iraq for a two week visit to the MEK training camp, and never returned home. MEK ignored their requests. He managed to rescue Mohammad and bring him back to Canada.

But Somayeh was under constant supervision by MEK commanders who used coercive control to confuse and intimidate the girl. She was afraid to leave, even though she had written several times to the US Marines guarding the camp asking for help. Somayeh and Mohammad Mohammadi in Camp Ashraf Iraq Her parents made repeated attempts to meet freely with Somayeh, so they could reassure her of her future with them in Canada.

MEK closed all doors to them and in doing so, alienated a whole family which had been ardent supporters. He was only saved when a friend snatched the lighter from his hand after Mostafa had doused himself in petrol. Now, instead of returning Somayeh to Canada and having a family of active supporters for their cause, MEK has destroyed the life of a young woman and broken the hearts of her family. From their first arrival in Tirana in , MEK members frightened ordinary citizens with their intimidatory behaviour.

Intense and forceful but somehow disengaged, MEK members swept through the capital like a plague. In place of a de-radicalization programme, the Americans in charge of them allowed them to retreat behind the closed walls of a purpose-built terrorist training camp in a rural town, Manez in the district of Durres.

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Atlantid Beach weekends Website Venue: Atlantid Beach, around 40km northeast of Tirana Tirana hipsters escape the city heat on summer weekends to party at Atlantid Beach. An eco camp of handmade tents provides a place to sleep, while entertainment involves everything from yoga, canoeing and stargazing to film screenings, video installations and DJ sets. Both documentaries and fictional films portray subjects relevant to Albania such as child trafficking and health care.

Tirana University of the Arts Guitar music lovers are in for a treat during this four-day festival.

Albania Classic Tours. ALBANIA CLASSIC TOUR Experience the magic of Albania in Tirana, Kruja, Durres, Berat, Vlora, Saranda, Gjirokastra and other ancient offers a great introduction into Albania’s past and present history, customs and traditions.

Comments 2 Beautiful Albanian women are quite nice, though low, as well as men, but dressing and doing make up almost like an Italian – catchy and fashionable. In the megalopolises girls do not take on a headscarf or chador, all are dressed in European style. Talking about the modern world, you clearly notice that there is almost the same in all the countries of Muslim.

Young girls tend to escape from the traditions and customs, and try to start living as well as Europeans. Freedom, which today is given to albanian women, is really attractive. Many girls brought up in the tradition, but initially amenable to the opportunities and temptations that are given to them, but after some time they understand that all old customs and traditions are much stronger bind the family, rather than freedom and permissiveness in the relationship.

In modern Albania still exists an ancient tradition that allows albanian women to get the status of men vow of celibacy. In later times, when men were dominated and women’s destination was maximum limited to the care of children and housekeeping. As to the old oral Code, the price of girl’s life was half male, when the price of virgin’s life was 12 bulls.

At that times, females had not any rights or voices, their opinions in the family did not mean anything.

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While two of them were employed in standard legal Massage centers the third one was supposed to work via phone calls somewhere in the suburbs of the city near Daiti mountain if I’m correct. According to the show and my limited Albanian those in the centers were offering happy ending with both hand and oral. The other one also full nude. That is near pizza Era in rouga Ismal Qemali.

Tirana (/ t ɪ ˈ r ɑː n ə / (listen); Albanian pronunciation: ; also Gheg Albanian: Tirona) is the capital and most populous city of Albania. The city is also the capital of the surrounding county of Tirana, one of 12 constituent counties of the country.

Early history Ancient mosaics from the 3rd century. The earliest presence of humans dates back to the Paleolithic and is represented by the Pellumbas Cave , which is close to the area of today’s Tirana. Although the oldest discovery in the urban area was a Roman house, which has been later transformed into an aisleless church with a mosaic floor , dating to the 3rd century, with other remains found near a medieval temple at Shengjin Fountain in the eastern suburbs.

In , Marin Barleti , an Albanian Catholic priest and scholar, in the biography of the Albanian national hero Skanderbeg , Historia de vita et gestis Scanderbegi Epirotarum principis The story of life and deeds of Skanderbeg, the prince of Epirotes , referred to this area as a small village. In , the first newcomers arrived in the settlement , the so-called ortodoksit. After Serb reprisals in the Debar region, thousands of locals fled to Tirana.

Modern The Bazaar at the turn of the 20th century. In , the Albanian language started to be taught in Tirana’s schools, while the patriotic club Bashkimi was founded in On 28 November , the national flag was raised in agreement with President Ismail Qemali.

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