India and the Cradle of Civilization

How far back in the past did the events described in the epics really take place? After a research stay at Benares Hindu University, he did original fieldwork for a doctorate on Hindu nationalism, which he obtained magna cum laude in He also published on the interface of religion and politics, correlative cosmologies, the dark side of Buddhism, the reinvention of Hinduism, technical points of Indian and Chinese philosophies, various language policy issues, Maoism, the renewed relevance of Confucius in conservatism, the increasing Asian stamp on integrating world civilization, direct democracy, the defence of threatened freedoms, and the Belgian question. Regarding religion, he combines human sympathy with substantive skepticism. Share Write for us The dating of the Mahabharat and the Ramayan is a puzzle that refuses to yield a simple answer. Conferences after conferences have been held in India and abroad for historians to arrive at a consensus, which has remained elusive so far.

History is wrong: 3 advanced discoveries made thousands of years ago in Ancient India

Much scientific knowledge can be traced to ancient India and their great sages. However, very few people know that the same gravitational force was already discovered by the Indian sage Bhaskaracharya thousands of years ago. Therefore, the earth, planets, constellations, moon, and sun are held in orbit due to this attraction.

Astronomical dating mahabharata war. if they were to die between the users of 45 and Every is almost significant about this is that the Ramayana Little being King programs the paramount use of ceremonial, from gold questions to the use of character tools and void-tipped guys.

Please click here, to hear the talk. Power of Bad Association: It was a known fact in Ayodhya that Kaikeyi loved Lord Rama more than his own son Bharath, then how could she become so evil. It is by her bad as Lord Ram was willing to become the king as a service to Maharaj Dasarath and He was also willing to go to the forest as a service to His father.

Mission of Life should be to vanquish the demoniac tendencies in our heart: Even extreme reversals if taken in the proper spirit will help us fulfill our mission in life: So also Laws of material nature act only in material consciousness not in spiritual consciousness. Ram or Aaram, A test for every seeker: Alertness in Spiritual Life: Lord Ram leaves Ayodhyavasis when they were asleep.

If one is inattentive or lazy, one will loose taste in Bhakti.

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In this article, we take a look at three ancient Indian Sages which knew about advanced discoverers thousands of years before the modern era. It turns that after all, what we taught as advanced and modern is, in fact, thousands of years old. Strangely, these three discoveries are left out from our history books.

The scientific dating of the and Date of Ramayana Category: Indian Mythology On December 3, By Mayank Kulkarni It is a general believed that Ramayana was originally composed by The scientific dating of the ramayana, Jun 23,

Its evident from the facts that Sir Rama was not only an Indian legend but a global phenomenon. There can be nothing more shameful than living in India and yet denigrating one of its greatest role models. Kindly read and circulate widely on eve of the Ayodhya judgement: Nowadays, the issue of Ramsetu is highly talked about by many people. The government filed an affidavit before the Supreme Court which clearly denies the historical existence of Shri Rama on this earth.

However, the strong opposing political parties, and other Hindu activists forced that the givernment withdrew the affidavit. Some Hindu organizations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, claim that posing questions relating to the existence of Rama cannot be simply answered by scientific or historical data. Therefore, no government or any other party can deny the existence of Rama.

Nevertheless, they were supported from unexpected quarters like the Hurriyat conference from Kashmir. Hurriayat also claimed that scientific or historical evidence is not the yardstick to judge various issues related to religion. Hence, whether Rama existed or not cannot be decided on basis of scientific or historical findings.

Historicity of Ramayana and Mahabhart Eras

North, it astronomical dating of mahabharata the newborn of the Kali Yuga as well. One can choose anyone of them as householder and monk, respectively, but there is no choice between Karma and Jnan knowledge and there is conflict between them. Jaipal Singh It has been now 43 years since the India was exposed to the hardships of the Emergency proclaimed on 25 June by the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi led Congress government. Only few days back, the nation remembered those atrocious days again and Freedom to connect with millions of people across the world.

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The Ramayana is one of Hinduism’s greatest epics. Nobody appears to know with certainty when the poem was composed or when the events in it occurred. However, while some scholars claim that the events probably occurred at around the 8th century BCE mark, others claim that it is much, much older.

While most cultures base their cosmologies on familiar units such as few hundreds or thousands of years, the Hindu concept of time embraces billions and trillions of years. Hindu sages describe time as cyclic, an endless procession of creation, preservation and dissolution. Scientists such as Carl Sagan have expressed amazement at the accuracy of space and time descriptions given by the ancient rishis and saints, who fathomed the secrets of the universe through their mystically awakened senses.

He praised the Vedas in his Sons of God, and said,: Name of us any modern discovery, and we venture to say that Indian history need not long be searched before the prototype will be found on record. Here we are with the transit of science half accomplished, and all our Vedic ideas in process of readjustment to the theories of force correlation, natural selection, atomic polarity and evolution. And here, to mock our conceit, our apprehension, and our despair, we may read what Manu said, perhaps 10, years before the birth of Christ: Krishna and Christ – By Louis Jacolliot p.

Ramayana and Mahabharata – a science fiction ?

It seems out of place while describing an epic, a religious one at that. It makes as much sense as adding a spoiler alert in Bible chance Dravidian Tamil books such as the Ravanakaviyam and Kambarasam are the oldest of this genre. A more recent reprisal of this theme, curiously analagous to Virgil’s Aeneid in relation to the Iliad and Odyssey , was created by the famed Bengali writer Michael Madhusudan Dutta , who rendered what he appelled the Meghnadh Bodh Kobbo Tale of the Death of Meghnadh in Bengali epic poetic form.

Of course, all these texts share a similar opposition to the traditional hero-role of Lord Rama. I merely excised your sentence which says that the books “slant” the Ramayana.

Rigveda to Robotics Slides on Astronomical dating of events in Ramayan. Amazing facts about ancient India revealed through. Is it not a most emphatic rejection of Aryan Invasion theory, and corroboration of astronomical dates of Ramayana references? Suggested Readings. 1.

This is the first one that seems to have some solid evidence as far as establishing the historicity of the Ramayana is concerned. I found this just recently under a different title with a bit more discussion about the land bridge , One of the main things that stood out to me was the dating of Sri Rama – BCE which is over years ago. The common understanding is that the Treta Yuga, the epoch in which the Ramayana took place, is calculated to have started more than 2 MILLION years ago 2, , to be a little more precise using the solar cycle.

This new dating in the documentary, using astronomical systems – mostly positions of planets and nakshatrAs stated in the Ramayana itself, seems really interesting to me. Take a look at the video. What do you guys think? Anyway, most people, including Hindus themselves, have been convinced by anti-Hindus that Rama and Krishna are “mythological” characters – like in a cartoon. Don’t let them coerce you into disbelieving that Rama and Krishna are indeed “real” as we are historical persons who walked not only this earth, but in Bharat!

I am of firm beleif that we are talking about historical events:

10 Mathematical inventions in ancient India that changed the world

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The Astronomical dating method not only fixes the time period of the event, but also shows the geographical location from where the unique planetary configuration could have been observed and this helps us confirm the geographic locations of Ramayana.

The controversy was initiated by Rev. I, as follows: The entire narrative of the exile itself has to a large extent, been developed out of germs furnished by Buddhistic legends. In the existing condition of the text, however, we find unmistakable indications that the influence of Greece upon India was already firmly established.

It is possible that in addition of these two elements namely the abduction of Sita and the siege of Lanka by Valmiki, we should recognize the influence of an acquaintance with the Homeric saga cycle. The work of Valmiki can hardly date earlier than this i.